Welcome to the Law Office of Steven A. Denny, P.C.


“Seeking justice in an imperfect world” is the goal for my work as a trial lawyer.  Given my background, it should come to no surprise that I view representing my clients as a “calling,” not unlike my years as a Christian minister.   I view every case as an opportunity for the “little guy” who has been injured to receive fair compensation.  The same amount of energy is put into every case- be it a $20,000 car accident case or a multi-million dollar medical malpractice case.

My office staff and I are very responsive to the emotional trauma every client experiences.  We understand that each client may have only one case and, while we work on numerous cases, we provide the individual attention that every client deserves and needs. We work hard for our clients and strive to attain the best result possible. We will return phone calls within 24 hours and we always keep clients updated as to any development in their case.

We look forward to evaluating any potential case you may choose to discuss with us.  Thank you for visiting DennyLaw.com.